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5 surgeons from massive cities are discussing who make one of the best sufferers to function on.

The primary surgeon, from New York, says, “I wish to see accountants on my working desk as a result of whenever you open them up, all the pieces inside is numbered.”

The second, from Chicago, responds, “Yeah, however it is best to strive electricians. Every thing inside them is colour coded.”

The third surgeon, from Dallas, says, “No, I actually suppose librarians are one of the best. Every thing inside them is in alphabetical order.”

The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles, chimes in: “, I like development staff. These guys all the time perceive when you may have just a few items left over.”

However the fifth surgeon, from Washington DC, shuts all of them up when he states:

“You’re all unsuitable. Politicians are the simplest to function on. There’s no guts, no coronary heart, no balls, no brains and no backbone. Plus, the top and the ass are interchangeable.”