Funny Joke: The waitress can tell a lot about a man by the size of his tip

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?? THE JOKE ??
A waitress at a diner provides a person his verify.

As he will get as much as go away, he places down the quantity for the verify plus three cents for the tip.

The waitress notices this and approaches him earlier than he leaves.

The waitress says, “You realize, I can inform rather a lot about an individual by every of the cash which can be left.”

The person laughs, and says, “Okay, what do these pennies let you know about me?”

She says, “This primary one tells me that you’re very thrifty.”

The person replies, “Hmm. Sure, that’s true. Go on.”

“This second one tells me that you’re not married.”

“Sure, that’s true too.”

The waitress continues her remark,

“And this final one tells me that your mom wasn’t married both.”

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