Funny Joke: Two women are on a girls’ night out

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Two ladies are on a women’ evening out, each of them married, loyal and exemplary wives.

This evening they’ve had one too many Bacardi Breezers and are unsteadily strolling dwelling.

On the best way they instantly notice that they actually should pee, and missing any correct services, they resolve to sneak right into a graveyard.

The primary lady realizes that she has nothing to wipe with, so she makes use of her underwear after which throws it away.

Her pal, nonetheless, is carrying costly lingerie and doesn’t wish to resort to such strategies. As a substitute, subsequent to a grave she finds a ribbon on a wreath, so she makes use of that.

Having completed, they each stroll dwelling, tipsy however completely happy.

The following day, the primary lady’s husband telephones the second lady’s husband, livid:

“You’ll by no means imagine this! My spouse got here dwelling final evening not carrying any panties!”

“That’s nothing,” says the opposite man, “My spouse got here dwelling with a card caught between her butt cheeks that stated,”…

“From all of us on the Fireplace Station, we’ll always remember you.”

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