Grandma Buys Granddaughter A Pit Puppy Without Asking, So Dad Tells Her She Can Keep It At Her House

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It’s tough when parents overstep boundaries, especially when there’s good intentions.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

I (40M) and my wife (39F) had been considering buying a dog to for our daughter.

We already have a dog that is elderly and we wanted to get a puppy so it could also learn from the older dog.

A puppy is a lot of work.

We both decided that right now is not a good time since we live in a very tiny place.

Yesterday my mother (67F) bought our daughter an 8 week old blue nose pit.

She claimed our daughter named it Athena and everything. She also told my wife that she could train it.

My wife and I were angry.

Nice try…  Do you even know your granddaughter?

I told my mother she had no right to buy a dog for our daughter without consulting us.

I told her she can keep the dog at her house, train it herself, and that if my daughter had really chosen the name she would’ve most likely done Sky or Everest since she is huge into Paw Patrol and not Athena since she’s never heard that name before.

Mom was not happy with the response she received.

My mother called me a jerk for the way I talked to her and that the dog was bought as a gift for her granddaughter.

So AITA for my reaction?

Readers sided with the writer of this story.

This rescue worker quickly gave instruction.

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This reader said that mom definitely overstepped.

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And this person thinks this is especially bad .

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All I can say is…WOOF!

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