Traveller Tried Asking A Local Girl For Directions, But A Stranger Deliberately Led Him Astray

Source: Reddit/AITA

When we’re traveling abroad, it can be intimidating to get around and to find places we’re trying to go – yes, even with modern technology.

Most of the time, locals can be depended on, too, if you’re in a pinch.

This person was traveling in Tokyo and was looking for a particular address.

I was in Tokyo looking for an event venue somewhat late at night. Tokyo buildings are narrow and each floor normally belongs to a different store.

They usually have an elevator directly on the sidewalk next to the store that’s on the ground floor.

So it’s mildly challenging if you’re looking for something that’s not on the ground floor.

I follow Google Maps to the general area.

I don’t see any advertisements for the venue above the building, so it could be any of these narrow buildings.

They asked a girl on the street if they were in the right place, but a nearby male answered instead.

I ask a Japanese girl who’s standing against the wall on her phone in Japanese for directions.

Then some random foreigner guy puts his arm around my shoulder and says in English that he can help me.

I tell him where I’m trying to go.

He walks me over to some random intersection 50 meters away, leaves me there, and then walks back to talk to the girl.

OP found himself going the wrong way, and ended up back where he started.

I walk back over to where they are, ignore them, and just check the inside of the elevators, until one has the name of the place on the elevator’s floor directory.

And I get to where I need to be.

But like what just happened?

He still has no idea what was happening, but does Reddit?

The top comment says it was probably all about the girl.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person says they know the type.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Isn’t it always an ego thing?

Source: Reddit/AITA

But this commenter says there are a few possibilities.

Source: Reddit/AITA

None of the English-speaking countries wanted to claim him.

Source: Reddit/AITA

An odd experience for sure.

But I’m sure he’ll forget about it soon enough.

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