Her New Husband Went Behind Her Back, So She Walked Out Of Their Wedding Reception

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We try to see the red flags in a relationship before we tie the knot. That said, there are way too many that can be concealed until after the ink has dried and things are official.

Or sometimes a little bit before.

OP and her husband got into an argument before their big day.

My now husband Lucas (26) and I (F,25) were getting married.

We decided to tie the knot as we were having a little girl together and are madly in love.

So leading up to the wedding day Lucas told me that his best man (Jacob) wanted to propose to his girlfriend as it would be a great time and it is a nice venue to do it at.

I said that I didn’t want him to propose at our wedding as it is our special moment, not theirs and that they can do it sometime else. Lucas told me that his friend was mad that I didn’t agree.

I just wanted the wedding to be about us because it was our special day. After that disagreement I thought nothing of it.

She thought it was settled, but at the reception, it became clear that it was not.

Fast forward to my wedding day. We had finished the church service and now we’re at the reception were all having fun eating.

I’m eating my food and then Jacob stops the music at the DJ booth to make an announcement. I just knew from that moment he was going to propose.

I look to see where Lucas was and he was holding red and white roses walking out to stand in front of Chloe(Jacob’s girlfriend)spelling out. “Will you marry me?”

So, she got up and walked out.

I was shocked that they went behind my back when I said no. I got up out of seat and walked out.

It’s been 2 days since the wedding and my husband cursed me out for not letting them have a special moment.

Now he and all of her friends think she’s wrong, but she isn’t so sure.

I responded with “I wanted the day to be about us because it’s our wedding not theirs and I am happy for them but the worst thing was even though I said no you went behind my back about it.”

Since that argument he moved to the guest bedroom and now most of my friends are cursing me out on all my socials. AITA?

What about Reddit? Let’s find out!

I think we know their feelings about proposals at other people’s events.

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This person says the whole thing is yuck.

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They say OP has some decisions to make.

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An annulment could be in the cards.

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Either way, her new husband is the one who was wrong.

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This woman needs to listen to what he told her.

Because it’s not that he’s going to be a great husband.

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