Her Pregnant Sister Wants To Swap Rooms, But She Doesn’t See What’s In It For Her

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Sibling rivalry is totally normal and something that most of us experience at one time or another (if we have siblings). That said, it is something you expect to grow out of.

And I don’t know, I think I would expect a sibling old enough to become a parent themselves would have earned some maturity.

OP is a teenager and has an adult sister who is pregnant and trying to convince OP to switch rooms for a host of reasons.

I [17F] just recently found out that my sister [21] is pregnant, and after she told me, she said that she wants us to swap rooms because my room would be more convenient for her to have.

The main reasons she wants to swap are because my room is downstairs and hers is upstairs, and she doesn’t want to have to to carry a baby up and down the stairs constantly and she wants to easily be able to take the pram into her room.

My room is also closer to the kitchen, has more storage space, and has an en suite.

OP has her own reasons for wanting to stay where she is.

Her room is literally bigger than mine so I don’t know why she would want a smaller room even though she’s going to have more things to put in it, and although she doesn’t have an en suite, there’s a bathroom right beside her room so it’s not like she has to walk a mile for a bathroom or anything.

But the main reason I don’t want to swap is because my room has just been freshly painted and had new flooring put in so I don’t want to just change rooms and have it basically been done for nothing.

I told her that and she said it was selfish of me to not want to give her my room, which is hypocritical because I asked if I could swap rooms with her ages ago and she said no.

Now that she wants mine, and it’s selfish of me not to give it to her?

She’s wondering if she should give in since her sister is having a baby and all.

She started going on about how I have no idea how hard it’s going to be for her and a bunch of other stuff to try and make me feel bad.

I basically told her I don’t care how much she asks for it I’m not swapping.

Reddit is going to give her solid advice, I know it!

This commenter wonders whether the sister has thought things through.

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She is not entitled to his room, though.

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This person wonders if there might be a compromise.

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And this person agrees OP could give a little.

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But the general consensus is OP has the right to say no.

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I feel sad that this is a sisterly relationship.

In a perfect world, they would be much closer and this wouldn’t be an issue.

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