I matched with a tinder profile

I matched with a tinder profile that had no pics.

We chatted a bit. Sensible and humorous so i requested for a date. She mentioned sure!

I’m not anticipating a lot, most likely 400lbs.

However she answered the door, this little strawberry blomde with a head stuffed with curls and all the precise curves in all the precise locations.

We exchanged our actual names and that i requested what she did for a dwelling. She says, “Sunday faculty instructor”.

Now i ain’t by no means had me Christian lady, however I’m open minded about it, so I’m driving her to.the second finest restaurant i can consider.

I pullout a joint if my finest weed and ask 8f she needs an urge for food. She says “Heavens no, what would i inform my sunday faculty youngsters?”.

Effectively,some individuals smoke and a few don’t so i believed nothing of it.

We go to the restaurant andi i order a steak, she will get the lobster. I order the second costliest bottle of wine on the menu.

However when the waitress brings it she says she doesn’t drink. My thoughts is blowm. “You don’t drink?”

“Heavens no. What would i inform my sunday faculty youngsters?”

We now have time, laughing at every others jokes, however i do know this can be a bust as i drink up that overpriced bottle by mysrlf.

As I’m driving her house i move an inexpensive resort and figuring i acquired nothing to lose ask her :”wish to get a room and knock boots?”

She says ” I assumed you’d by no means ask. “

I’m like actually?!? “what is going to you inform your sunday faculty youngsters?”

She mentioned the identical factor i inform them each week

“You don’t need to drink and smoke to have time