Into what sea does the Volga River flow?

The Caspian Sea.

The Volga River, the longest river in Europe, flows into the Caspian Sea. Originating within the Valdai Hills about 225 kilometers east of St. Petersburg, Russia, the Volga programs over 3,500 kilometers (about 2,200 miles) earlier than it drains into the Caspian Sea, a landlocked physique of water positioned between Europe and Asia.

The Volga River holds immense historic, cultural, and financial significance for Russia. Over the centuries, it has served as a vital commerce route, connecting the nation’s central area to the southern territories. A number of massive cities, together with Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, and Volgograd, are located alongside its banks, every bearing witness to the river’s impression on the area’s growth and prosperity.

The Volga’s expansive watershed features a collection of enormous, reservoir-like lakes, the Volga’s “seas,” created by damming in the course of the Soviet period. These reservoirs contribute to a various array of habitats that help quite a few wildlife species. The river can be instrumental within the area’s trade, offering water for irrigation, hydroelectric energy, and home use.

Because it empties into the Caspian Sea, the Volga River creates intensive delta wetlands, residence to over 200 species of birds and a wide range of fish species. This delta, with its distinctive biodiversity, is acknowledged as a Ramsar Wetland of Worldwide Significance.

The Volga River, with its great size, huge watershed, and diverse landscapes, stays a central lifeline for Russia, connecting its individuals, tradition, and financial system to the broader world.