Concerned Aunt Rescues Her Lesbian Niece From Her Misogynistic And Homophobic Father

It is laborious to let go of the social norms you had been raised inside. A girl of 30 was pressured to chop off contact together with her members of the family who had been misogynistic with a purpose to be happy to be who she really is.

When OP was 13 and requested his brother’s opinion relating to the new pink shirt that had the phrase “WOMAN” on it. She was planning to purchase with group of pals. In response she was given an hour-long lecture on how males undergo greater than ladies.

He additionally shared his displeasure over having a feminist member of the family. He additionally spoke of homophobic and racist statements in his presentation.

They advised them in regards to the incident, however they blamed it on the distinction in opinion on politics. Additionally they defended their son who’s the sweetest and has by no means hurt any fly.

OP in addition to her youthful brother did not have a connection whereas rising as youngsters. He additionally mocked the assault on OP, and stated it was nothing compared to the experiences he had.

The current OP lives 4 hours from them, however she is ready to go to every year at Christmas, however she doesn’t contact her brother. That is the best way OP got here to know their niece (her cousin’s daughter).

The niece of hers referred to as her and stated her father was threatening to ban her from the home since she’s lesbian.

OP was stricken. She was conscious of the was the type of particular person her brother was, nevertheless she by no means anticipated him to behave this manner in the direction of his little one.

OP was impressed to assist her niece get out of the home and drove to her brother’s house. She assisted her niece in loading her stuff into her automotive, whereas her brother shouted at them and instructed OP that she ought to preserve her eyes away from his work.

The homophobic, misogynistic father referred to as his lesbian daughter insane and accused her of being a part of the newest development. OP acquired quite a few impolite cellphone calls and messages from members of the family following the incident.

Her niece called her saying her dad is threatening to disown her because she is a lesbian.

OP is aware of she will be able to present a secure house for her niece however she admits she let her feelings dictate her actions. Is OP an a**gap for serving to her niece run away?

OP knows she can provide a safe space for her niece but she admits she let her emotions dictate her actions. Is OP an a**hole for helping her niece run away?







OP has to get forward of the authorized points ought to her homophobic brother decides he desires to torment his daughter extra

OP has to get ahead of the legal issues should her homophobic brother decides he wants to torment his daughter more
Bibbyrat, BasketAffectionate58

It should rely on which state or nation OP is from however 16 can thought-about sufficiently old to make knowledgeable selections by legislation

It will depend on which state or country OP is from but 16 can considered old enough to make informed decisions by law

OP has no time to waste and may seek the advice of a household lawyer instantly simply to cowl all of their bases

OP has no time to waste and should consult a family attorney immediately just to cover all of their bases

Nonetheless would not harm to seek the advice of a lawyer. Nobody desires OP’s niece to return to an unsafe atmosphere.

Still wouldn't hurt to consult a lawyer. No one wants OP's niece to go back to an unsafe environment.

They will additionally attempt reaching out to LGBTQIA+ organizations for correct steerage about their subsequent steps and potential psychological well being checkup for her niece

They can also try reaching out to LGBTQIA+ organizations for proper guidance about their next steps and potential mental health checkup for her niece

He could also be a jerk however he can nonetheless trigger numerous hassle for OP and her niece. He is indignant that OP gave her a niece a secure place away from him.

He may be a jerk but he can still cause a lot of trouble for OP and her niece. He's angry that OP gave her a niece a safe place away from him.

Somebody laid out a complete record of priorities OP ought to begin serious about if she hasn’t already

Someone laid out a comprehensive list of priorities OP should start thinking about if she hasn't already

OP ought to discuss to her niece about all the points between her and her father. She ought to contact a lawyer simply to test if she gave her brother any purpose to sue her.

OP should talk to her niece about all of the issues between her and her father. She should contact a lawyer just to check if she gave her brother any reason to sue her.

OP replied to the useful commenter and proved she did assume this by. She says she’s ready to be her niece’s guardian.

OP replied to the helpful commenter and proved she did think this through. She says she's prepared to be her niece's guardian.

The newest edit is good: OP and her niece have been studying the supportive feedback and respect them

The latest edit is sweet: OP and her niece have been reading the supportive comments and appreciate them
OP was conscious from a younger age that one thing was completely different about her household, notably her brother. He initially criticized her as a result of she was a feminist and having been the sufferer of s3xual assault.
It took an unlimited quantity of braveness to have the ability to depart them. Considered one of her most brave acts to this point is saving the niece of a house that would have abused and harm her.

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