Mrs. Jennings began each vocabulary lesson

Mrs. Jennings started every vocabulary lesson by asking the scholars to make use of a phrase in a sentence.

“Okay, class,” she introduced, “who can use the phrase ‘fascinate’ correctly in a sentence?”

Mary shot her hand up and, earlier than Mrs. Jennings might name on her, she stated “I went to Alaska over spring break and it was fascinating!”

Mrs. Jennings replied, “that’s good Mary, however I requested for the phrase ‘fascinate,’ not ‘fascinating.’”

Billy threw his hand up subsequent: “My Dad need to see the museum and was fascinated by the work!”

Mrs. Jennings once more corrected her pupil: “That’s additionally good, however bear in mind the phrase is ‘fascinate,’ not ‘fascinated.’”

Lastly, Carol waved her hand wildly from the again row: “My aunt simply purchased a brand new shirt with ten buttons.

She tried to place it on, however her melons are too large, so she might solely fasten eight.”