Woman Asks If She Was Wrong For Not Taking Care Of Her Sister’s Sick Kids

Reddit customers Previous_Marketing9257 is a childless 22 yr previous girl who does not like the thought of ​​having youngsters and that is okay, it is her selection and it needs to be revered. He has an older sister who has 5 youngsters. Since OP does not have youngsters, she’s by no means been taken with creating any type of relationship along with her sister’s youngsters.

OP’s sister, her husband, and all 5 of their youngsters had norovirus as soon as. Her husband’s situation worsened and he needed to be taken to the ER. So the sister calls OP and asks if she will be able to babysit her youngsters. OP merely denied her request as a result of she wasn’t taken with being round youngsters, she’d by no means babysat earlier than, and the children had been contaminated. He was known as out by his sister and his personal mom for being thoughtless.

Not completely positive if what he did was proper or not, OP determined to share the story on the notorious subreddit “Am I the A$$hole?“.

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1. The title makes the OP sound like AH however we should not decide a ebook by its cowl.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

2. OP does not appear to love the idea of kids. And that is why he by no means developed any type of hyperlinks along with his sister’s 5 youngsters.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

3. Alas, norovirus may be terrible. It is horrible.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

4. For the reason that sister must take her husband to the ER, she asks OP to deal with her 5 sick youngsters. And he was merely rejected.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

5. OP did present some good different choices that might hopefully sort things however sister does not need to go that route. There’s a de*d lock.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

6. OP’s mom declared him AH for not caring for his organic brother’s sick youngsters. However OP argued that she would do a horrible job right here as a result of she had by no means babysit a single child earlier than.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

7. The sister’s SIL ended up taking her husband to the ER whereas the sister took care of the children.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

8. And normally, OP simply does not need to assist him as a result of he by no means helped OP along with his points.

By means of u/Past_Marketing9257

See, simply studying the title, it appears like OP is a correct AH who does not even need to deal with his personal brother’s sick youngsters. proper? I imply, who does that to their very own sibling? However then, the story unfolded earlier than us and I might positively say OP was NTA.

For some cause, it looks like the sister needs to take a break from the children and desires to shift all accountability to the OP for some time. However man, these youngsters have norovirus. Any of these youngsters might have met the identical destiny as their father. If there was a scenario the place one of many youngsters needed to be taken to the ER as properly, the sister would 100% blame OP for worsening that child’s situation. Good for OP that she mentioned no to deal with the sick youngsters, they might have made her sick as properly.

Here is what AITA neighborhood members needed to say:

9. Precisely as I mentioned, if issues obtained worse, what would he have executed then? And who will his brother blame for the problem?

By means of MissMcFrostynips

10. This Redditor smelled common AH vibes from the OP however for this specific scenario, he was declared NTA.

By means of cosmichriss

11. So it’s a good choice to not take accountability.

By means of Algebralovr

12. That is precisely what occurred to the OP and her brother’s case.

By means of sophosoftcat

13. It actually does not make sense for her sister to offer her sick youngsters to OP, who has no expertise with youngsters.

By means of Shining-Cellist34

14. It’s a hate-hate relationship.

By means of Runns_withScissors

15. His youngsters, his drawback.

By means of Zealousideal_Use4518

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