Cousin Wouldn’t Stop Tormenting Her About Her Weight, So She Mocked Him Until His Girlfriend Dumped Him

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Everyone knows that kids are going to encounter bullies at some point in their school career. Heck, most of us run into them now and again as adults.

What we hope, however, is that those bullies don’t come from our own families.

OP is 17 and hates being tormented by her much-older cousin.

I’m 17f. My parent’s and I went to a dinner at my aunt house.

I didn’t want to go because my 35 year old cousin Jared likes to makes fun of my appearance.

I’m tall and skinny. But dad convinced me to go.

Since he makes fun of her appearance, she decided to wait for the opportunity to do the same.

Jared was already at the dinner table and introducing his gf Melody to everyone.

He surprisingly didn’t make fun off me like he usually does when we first see each other.

Now I was told by Jared sister, that Jared shaved all his hair off 2 years ago, because he was getting bald patches and was embarrassed about them.

When it presented himself, she let it fly.

So anyway during dinner, Jared finally turned his attention to me at the time everyone was quite and asked me loudly hey op do you think you will ever put on some weight, you’re starting to look anorexic.

I just snapped and said I don’t know? Do you think you will ever grow hair where your bald patch spots are?

He got angry and started cussing at me and I asked him if he had a spare brush for me, so I can brush my hair?!

Now, some people are blaming her for him getting dumped.

He was told to leave. So him and Melody left.

Melody apparently broke up with him that night.

Now I’m getting the blame.


Does Reddit think she should feel badly? I’m guessing not.

The top comment figures the baldness was not what did it.

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This person agrees that the guy had it coming.

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After all, he had a few other choices as far as responses.

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Someone else should have called him out long ago.

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Maybe he finally learned a lesson.

Source: Reddit/AITA

She absolutely dumped him for being a jerk.

I can’t believe he can convince himself otherwise.

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