Which Saint is said to have carried his own head for several miles after his death?

Saint Denis.

The Saint who is alleged to have carried his personal head for a number of miles after his beheading is Saint Denis, also referred to as Dionysius, the Bishop of Paris. He is among the most well-known cephalophores in Christian legend, a time period derived from the Greek phrase “kephalophoros” which means “head-carrier.”

Saint Denis was a Christian missionary and the primary Bishop of Paris throughout the third century. He was martyred round 250 AD throughout the Roman persecutions underneath Decius. Legend has it that after being beheaded on Montmartre Hill (which is alleged to imply ‘mountain of martyrs’), he picked up his severed head and walked for a number of miles, preaching a sermon all the manner, earlier than lastly collapsing on the website of what’s now the Saint Denis Basilica within the northern suburbs of Paris.

The picture of Saint Denis holding his personal head is a standard iconographic illustration in artwork. He’s thought of the patron saint of France and his feast day is well known on October 9. His story serves as a unprecedented instance of religion and martyrdom in Christian custom.