She Tried To “Save” A Parking Spot For A Friend, So He Got The Tow Company Involved

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We’ve all been meeting a friend somewhere, gotten there early, and watched all of the good parking spaces disappear while we waited.

It’s frustrating, and sure, you’ve probably been tempted to stand in one to “save” it for your friend or relative.

OP was pulling into a space when another shopper did just that.

I went to the mall just to kill a couple of hours and this lady RAN in front of my truck to stand in a spot I was already halfway in ( she wanted to hold it for her friend that was circling around).

She refused to move, but OP had all the time in the world.

She said she wasn’t moving, but I could see she had her refillable popcorn bucket and cup in her bag she was carrying, so I knew she was going to a movie and I had all day to be petty.

So I lit up a cigarette, put on some good tunes and was just browsing online.

Eventually the lot attendant called a tow truck.

Best part was when she hammered on the hood, put a dent in it and her ring scratched through the paint.

Dash cam caught it. so I got out, she started screaming saying I was about to attack her, nah, just needed photos of her car/license plate , parked behind me and blocking the way for several other cars.

Lot attendant eventually comes by and told her they need to move as a tow truck was already on the way to move them if she didn’t.

Again she refuses and sure enough tow truck shows up ( her friend is outside her car leaning against it staring daggers at me) as the truck starts to back up to hook up they begin to confront the tow truck driver, he pulls pepper spray on them and says ( I’ll never forget this)

“I’m on a tight schedule and don’t have time to argue, I can either spray you for risking my safety, or you can comply an pick it up at the lot”

She ended up losing a lot more than a parking spot that day.

As he gets into his truck to do his thing, they both hop in the car and try to hurry away, clipping the metal things that I assume ,lift up the car, ripping their front bumper off as they try to flee around the truck and race out of there.

These ladies were in their late 40s and ended up buying me a new hood, which is just as well since it was having fading issues on the paint/clear coat.

Don’t know what other repercussions they had from that, but I can’t imagine a new front bumper on an Audi is cheap

I bet Reddit is going to love this story!

This person wishes the video was still around.

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They all love to see justice served.

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And this commenter says people get crazy in parking lots.

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It is a pretty perfect and passive revenge.

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Hopefully they missed their movie.

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I, too, quite enjoyed this tale.

I would have been a nervous wreck in the moment, though.

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