Sister Insisted She Knew Where She Was Going On A Road Trip, So Her Sibling Let Them Get Lost for Hours To Prove A Point

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Some people need to learn the hard way…

And when you can maliciously comply and teach a sibling a lesson, well, that’s just the greatest!

Check out how this Reddit user taught his sister a big lesson.

“When I was younger around a decade ago, I used to love two things. Cars and roads.

Still to this day I love cars, but the way I loved roads was through maps. My favorite activity when I was bored was to go on the maps app and look at the highways that surrounded my area.

My oldest sister at the time was the only sibling of mine who had a license. One summer day, she was bored and decided to take me and her boyfriend to an amusement park an hour and a half away from home.

The story begins on the way back.

My father needed the car at the car dealership as it was scheduled to have routine maintenance done the next morning.

My father sent her the address of the dealership and requested that she drop the car off, and he will go and pick us up at the dealer.

Their sister blew it.

Now that the context is out of the way, here is where my sister made a mistake. She typed in the address, and clicked on the nearest place with that road. The issue is that the nearest place with that road was a town going an hour in the opposite direction.

She gets onto a road I will call State Route 100. This intersects with Interstate 1, which we were supposed to get onto. When she passes the highway, this following interaction ensues

Me – “You were supposed to make that right.”

Her-  “That’s not what the map says.”

5 minutes later, I say again

Me – “We are heading in the wrong direction, this does not go home.”

Her – “Maybe It’s an alternate route that’s faster?”

Me – “I don’t think a road going in the opposite direction is faste-”

(she cut me off)

Her, now annoyed – “Listen I’m going to focus on what the map says, not on you. Just stop already.”

You got it, Sis!

And with that, I followed her instruction.

After all, why would I complain on going on a road I have never been on?

From what I remember after that, we stopped for gas about half an hour in.

My sister was still convinced we were going in the right direction, but why should I correct her? She is listening to the map after all.

The fallout…

We hit an expressway and my sister is convinced we made it home and is pleased with herself. This was until an overhead sign said “Town B Regional Airport, 1 Mile.”

At this point, my sister realized her mistake. She starts freaking out and saying “I didn’t know this road went here? I was following the map! OP, why didn’t you tell me we were going the wrong way?”

I was scared of her getting mad at me, so I just said “After you told me to stop I just stopped paying attention to where you were going.”

She eventually pulled into a gas station, and saw where she set her GPS to. After correcting her mistake, we head the opposite direction, although the car ride was rather silent. We eventually see signs for the amusement park we started at, because she had to turn left at the road I originally told her to turn at.

And that is how I turned a drive supposed to be an hour and a half into a three and a half hour journey.

Years have passed since this happened, and I told my father who thought it was hysterical.

I often consider telling my sister, but we sadly rarely speak anymore.”

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Do you think she learned her lesson?

I think she learned her lesson…

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