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In 1989, an 8.2 (on Richter scale) earthquake nearly flattened Armenia, killing over 30,000 individuals in lower than 4 minutes.

Within the midst of chaos, a father left his dwelling and rushed to the varsity the place he had left his son that morning, solely to find that the constructing had been completely destroyed.

The daddy remembered the promise he had made to his son : ‘it doesn’t matter what, I’ll at all times be there for you!’ Tears started to fill his eyes as he seemed on the pile of particles that after was his son’s college.

He started to focus on the place he walked his son to class that morning. Remembering that his son’s classroom can be in a selected spot, he rushed there and began digging by means of the rubble.

Different mother and father who had gathered instructed him that he was losing his time and power, however the father would solely say, “Are you going to assist me?” and keep it up digging.

The fireplace chief confirmed up and tried to tug him off the particles saying, “You’re in peril. We’ll deal with it. You go dwelling.” To which the Armenian father’s response was, “Are you going to assist me discover my son?”

The police got here and urged the person to surrender. However the distraught father courageously proceeded alone, as a result of he wanted to know for himself “is my boy alive or is he useless?”

He dug and pulled again boulder after boulder for thirty-eight hours continuous and instantly when he was pulling a boulder he heard his son’s voice.

“ARMOND, are you there?” He responded, “Dad, it’s me, Dad! I instructed my mates that if my Dad is alive we might be saved! I instructed them you had promised me — it doesn’t matter what, I’ll at all times be there for you! You probably did it, Dad!”

“What’s going on there son?” the daddy requested. “We’re fourteen of us, Dad. We’re scared, hungry, thirsty, and grateful you might be right here. When the constructing collapsed, it made a wedge, like a triangle, and it saved fourteen of us!”

The son defined. “Come out my boy!” “No Dad! Let the opposite youngsters out first, trigger I do know you’ll get me! It doesn’t matter what, /i do know you’ll be there for me!”

The fireman, the police and the gang couldn’t imagine what they noticed!

The person whom that they had thought of as traumatized with nervousness and worry was truly responding to like and was pulling one boy after one other till he pulled out and embraced the 14th boy, his son Armond!