The doctor said to the elderly man

After his examination, the physician stated to the aged man,

“You seem like in good well being do you could have any medical issues you want to ask me about?”

“In actual fact, I do,” stated the previous man.

“After I make like to my spouse, the primary time I’m often scorching and sweaty, after which after we make love the second time, I’m often chilly and chilly.”

After analyzing his aged spouse, the physician stated,

“All the things seems to be fantastic. Do you could have any medical issues that you simply want to talk about with me?”

The girl replied that she had no questions or issues.

The physician then stated to her,

“Your husband had an uncommon concern. He claims that he’s often scorching and sweaty after making love with you the primary time, after which chilly and chilly after the second time are you aware why?”

“Oh, that loopy previous fart” she replied.

“That’s as a result of the primary time is often in August, and the second time is in January!”

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