What Do Most People Not Realize Is Dangerous? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

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That should be everyone’s motto for life because knowledge is power!

And today we’re all going to get some life lessons from AskReddit users about things that most people don’t realize are dangerous.

Pay attention and see what they had to say because you never know when you might need this info.

“I think people frequently drive WAY too close to the car in front of them.

Growing up, I was always taught “a car lengths distance for every 10 mph.” and while it seems crazy, that simple rule of driving has saved my a** more times than I can count.”

“Garage door springs.

Ours broke one night and it sounded like a damn 12 gauge going off.

Can confirm, do not go anywhere near those things.”

“People often underestimate the dangers of water.

Like the power of a river or a sea current, water on the road, slipping in the shower, etc.”

“Cutting food with dull knives. A lot of people are scared of cutting themselves with knives, which is valid; however they don’t realize that you’re more likely with a dull knife.

A sharp knife will slice right through a tomato, but with a dull knife you have to really push. If you push too hard, it can slip and then you’re gonna have a bad time.”

“Driving while tired.

It can be just as dangerous as driving while d**nk, but many people do it without thinking twice.

For context, 20 hours awake impairs you as much as .08% BAC, which counts as DUI in many states.”


People put it in their cars every day, so they don’t realize how volatile it is. Youtube is full of videos of people pouring gasoline on a campfire, or pouring it in a garbage can and sticking a match to it, only to find themselves sitting on their a**es a half second later, eyebrows singed off and flash burns on their faces and hands, if they’re lucky.

It’s explosive. It’s not like lighter fluid for your BBQ grill.”


Unlike NSAIDs, it’s not hard to d** from a Tylenol overdose- hence their whole campaign about how “safe” it is to use.”

“As a chef, it’s food.

I’ve seen people who cook at home with some very dangerous cooking habits. Everything from not washing hands after handling raw meat (its all raw proteins, people, not just chicken) to not cooling leftovers properly and even proper storing procedures.

Spoiler alert: don’t store raw chicken above the salad you plan to serve with it. Those juices can drip down and contaminate everything. Personally I think everyone needs to take a class on proper food handling for their safety and everyone’s safety for whom they plan on cooking.”

“Noise canceling headphones while walking in cities.

You need to be able to hear your surroundings to react properly, can easily walk into traffic or get swiped by a bike if you’re tuning out the world.

The newest AirPod commercial shows a woman walking through an empty city intersection with her headphones in, then shows all the chaos return when she takes one out…not safe, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings in dense areas.”


I f**king love dogs — but don’t pet someone’s dog without asking first — and absolutely don’t put your face near theirs without knowing the dog is safe.

At the end of the day, it’s a 50 lb predator with pointy teeth and strong jaws. If he feels threatened, he’ll use them without a second thought.”

“Gambling .

I’ve worked in the casino industry my while life, ten of those dealing around the country and now currently pitting .

Gambling will absolutely destroy your life.

You should only be risking 1% per bet on your bankroll .

You should only be gambling if theirs no feelings attached.

Have a plan if you do win an enormous amount of money .

You can ban yourself from casinos .

Seek help.”

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