Which two countries primarily occupy the Iberian Peninsula?

Spain and Portugal.

The Iberian Peninsula, positioned in Southwest Europe, is primarily occupied by two nations: Spain and Portugal. Spain, the bigger of the 2, occupies the vast majority of the peninsula. It’s dwelling to various landscapes, together with mountain ranges just like the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, huge plains, and lengthy coastlines on each the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal, the smaller neighbor to the west, has a considerable shoreline alongside the Atlantic Ocean and shares its japanese and northern land border with Spain. It boasts a wealthy historical past and tradition, with a panorama that features rolling plains and mountainous areas within the north.

Along with these two nations, the British Abroad Territory of Gibraltar is positioned on the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The microstate of Andorra is nestled excessive within the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France. These territories are very small in comparison with Spain and Portugal, however they’re additionally a part of the Iberian Peninsula’s geographical and cultural panorama.

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