These puns all have punchlines with a play on phrases. Many phrases have a couple of that means, sound just like a distinct phrase, or could make one other phrase mixing two others collectively. They’re a really broadly used literary method to amuse readers.

1. What do you name a dinosaur with a large vocabulary?
A thesaurus

2. What do you name a pretend noodle?
An impasta

3. Why did the teddy bear so no to dessert?
As a result of she was stuffed

4. How do you cease an astronaut’s child from crying?
You rocket

5. How do you get a tissue to bounce?
You place a little bit boogie into it

6. How does the ocean say good day?
It waves

7. What’s a snake’s favourite topic?

8. What are the strongest days of the week?
Saturday and Sunday. The remaining are weak days.

9. Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?
She is going to let it go

10. How do you make the quantity 7 even?
Take away the S

11. What do you give a sick lemon?
Lemon assist

12. What’s in Squidward’s underpants?


A riddle is a query or assertion, rigorously phrased with solutions which are both a metaphor, or have a double that means. That is to puzzle readers whereas they attempt to clear up and guess the reply.

13. If you’re English within the kitchen and English in the lounge, what are you within the lavatory?

14. If a butcher wears an XL shirt and dimension 13 footwear, what does he weigh?

15. What falls in winter, however by no means will get harm?

16. What are you able to catch, however by no means throw?
A chilly


These jokes are for the short and the witty. They’re fairly actually what they are saying on the tin: a one-line joke. They’re often quick and candy, with a acutely aware thought on the phrases used.

17. I wrote a track a few tortilla. Nicely truly, it’s extra of a wrap.

18. I used to be going to inform a pizza joke, nevertheless it was too tacky.


Basic jokes are those which have been round for years. You’ll have already heard of a few of these, similar to your mother and father might have heard of them too. Knock Knock jokes are cherished and utilized by many because of its interplay between the teller and the recipient and unvarying method.

19. Why was 6 afraid of seven?
As a result of 7, 8, 9

20. Knock Knock / Who’s there? / Boo / Boo, who? / Don’t cry it’s simply me