A lady asks god for help

A girl asks god for assist

Sooner or later a girl places her children to mattress then goes into her room and prays to god

“ expensive God my husband simply left me, he took every little thing and I’m unemployed, please assist let me win the lottery!”

2 months later, after placing the youngsters to mattress once more, the girl asks god for assist once more

“Expensive god, I’m about to lose my home and lose my automobile, please assist me win the lottery!

Lastly after the youngsters went to sleep, the mother plead one remaining time to god.

“Expensive God we’re so very hungry, we’re homeless and we actually have to win the lottery!”

Simply then a lightweight got here down and Shawn proper infront of her, from it emerged God. Annoyed God exclaimed.

“Expensive god girl, I can’t assist you should you don’t purchase a ticket first!”