A man and a woman were discussing

A person and a lady had been discussing the worst ache an individual might probably expertise.

“Doubtless, there may be nothing extra painful in life than childbirth,” stated the girl.

“Nonsense,” stated the person, “a kick to the crotch is far more painful. Ask any man.”

“You’re so improper,” maintained the girl, “Childbirth is much extra painful.”

“The person was not about to yield to her argument and introduced: “I’ve proof that I’m proper.”

“What proof?” she requested scornfully.

“As a result of,” he continued, “a couple of years after giving start a lady will say to her companion, ‘Do you wish to attempt for one more child?’

However I’ve by no means, ever heard a person say, even years later, ‘You understand what I’d actually like? One other kick to the crotch.’ “

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