A man walked into a bar sat down

A person walked right into a bar, sat down, ordered three pictures of whiskey, drank them, then left.

This continued day by day for a number of weeks.

Curious, the bartender requested him at some point, “Why do you at all times order three pictures of whiskey?”

The person answered, “As a result of my two brothers and I at all times used to have one shot every, and since they’ve each handed on, I’ve continued to order the three pictures of their honor.”

The bartender thought that this was a really noble factor to do, and welcomed the person each time he visited the bar.

Two weeks later, the person walked into the bar for his day by day go to and ordered two pictures of whiskey.

Stunned, the bartender requested him why he solely ordered two when had had at all times been ordering three.

The person answered, “Oh, I’ve determined to cease consuming.”