A man walks up to the bar

A person walks as much as the bar with an ostrich behind him, and as he sits, the bartender asks for his or her order.

The person says, “I’ll have a beer” and turns to the ostrich.

“What’s yours?” “I’ll have a beer too” says the ostrich.

The bartender pours the beer and says “That will likely be $3.40 please,” and the person reaches into his pocket and pays with the precise change for cost.

The following day, the person and the ostrich come once more, and the person says “I’ll have a beer,” and the ostrich says “I’ll have the identical.”

As soon as once more the person reaches into his pocket and pays with precise change.

This turned a routine till late one night, the 2 enter once more.

“The same old?” asks the bartender.

“Properly, it’s near final name, so I’ll have a big Scotch” says the person.

“Identical for me” says the ostrich.

“That will likely be $7.20” says the bartender.

As soon as once more the person pulls precise change out of his pocket and locations it on the bar.

The bartender can’t maintain again his curiosity any longer.

“Excuse me, sir. How do you handle to at all times provide you with the precise change out of your pocket each time?”

“Properly,” says the person, “a number of years in the past I used to be cleansing the attic and I discovered this outdated lamp. Once I rubbed it a Genie appeared and supplied me two needs. My first want was that if I ever wanted to pay for something, I simply put my hand in my pocket and the precise amount of cash will likely be there.”

“That’s sensible!” says the bartender.

“Most individuals would want for one million {dollars} or one thing, however you’ll at all times be as wealthy as you need for so long as you reside!”

“That’s proper! Whether or not it’s a gallon of milk, or a Rolls Royce, the precise cash is at all times there,” says the person.

“That’s implausible!” says the bartender. “You’re a genius! Oh, one different factor sir, what’s with the ostrich?”

The person replies, “Oh, my second want was for a chick with lengthy legs.”