A Nun Had Strict Rules About Weekly Haircuts , So A Student Decided To Beat Her At Her Own Game

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I’m willing to bet that this doesn’t happen anymore

Because every time I see a young kid walking down the street these days, they always have LONG hair.

But we’re gonna take a trip back in time and see what happened to this guy when he was in high school…

“This is my husband’s story from High School. Let’s call him Phil.

He was living the hippie life, but then someone new showed up…

Phil attended a private Catholic school from kindergarten thru graduation. He was (and still is) a long-haired hippie. All was well until his senior year when a new nun became principal.

She was offended by this boy’s long hair. She was also warned by some of the other teachers (nuns) not to get into it with him because no doubt, he will win.

A decision was reached.

Phil and his father meet with the principal and offer a solution of wearing a wig so he doesn’t have to cut his hair. The Nun says no way. What if other kids decide to do that? Nun insists that he get his hair cut or he will be expelled. Father says “Okay. He will get his hair cut every week. And we will provide reciepts. Will that suffice?” Nun agrees.

Cue malicious compliance.

Just a little bit off the top…

Phil’s dad takes him to the beauty shop, says “cut as little as humanly possible off his hair.”

Hairdresser is all “Why not just have me provide a receipt and not cut?” —

Well that wouldn’t fly, because they’re going to be totally honest about the whole thing. A cut every week with a receipt.

The hairdresser proceeds to do a haircut every week (just a trim, mind you) and provides a receipt.

The Nun has no recourse. Phil graduates with longer (and healthier) hair than he started the year with.”

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Just a little bit off the top…

That’ll work!

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