Testy Manager Told A Worker To Remove Their Piercing, So They Follow Their Orders And Ended Up With More

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Why do people care about stuff like this?

I really don’t get it!

But you know how people can be…and I’m talking about them being ANNOYING.

Check out how this worker dealt with an ANNOYING manager at their job.

On one of my first days my manager said I had to remove my piercing.

Since I had the piercing on during my interview and he was the one to interview me and didn’t say anything then, I said I wouldn’t.

The manager wasn’t having it.

He let it go for a few days then told me again.

My reply this time was, “All of my colleagues have at least one piercing on the upper ear, so why am I the only one that has to remove it?”

He said, I quote, “Do any of your colleagues have a stick that goes through the whole ear? No, just you, so remove it”.

You got it, boss!

Right after the end of that shift I went to my piercer and got a set of separate but matching piercings that I can wear in the single holes (which I only ever do while working).

The first time he saw me with the new piercing he said that we’d been through the conversation plenty of times and to just remove the piercings.

To which I said, “See you told me yesterday that the problem was I had one piercing that went through my whole ear, now I don’t anymore, I have two separate piercings! All good!”

It’s so good see him still fuming about it after months and not being able to do anything since I’ve technically removed the piercing he wanted me to remove.

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I love it when employees get one over on their bosses!

You go girl!

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