A team of archaeologists were working in Jerusalem when they found a slab of rock with five figures carved on it

A workforce of archaeologists have been working in Jerusalem after they discovered a slab of rock with 5 figures carved on it.


So as the figures have been:

A Lady.  A Donkey.  A Shovel.  A Fish.  A Star of David.


After months of learning the rock and figures on it, the chief took the rock and went on a lecture tour.  He mentioned the carvings have been a number of hundreds of years outdated besides they revealed so much concerning the individuals of that point.


The lady being positioned first within the line of figures indicated that girls have been held in very excessive esteem.  It was most definitely a household oriented tradition.


The donkey indicated they’d domesticated animals.  They most likely used the donkey to until the fields.


The shovel exhibits they have been very smart as they knew easy methods to make instruments.


The fish exhibits they knew easy methods to increase the crops they raised by additionally reaping from the ocean.


The Star of David after all signifies they have been a really spiritual group of individuals.


A bit of outdated man within the entrance row lastly acquired the eye of the speaker.


When acknowledged he mentioned, “I’m sorry to hurt your conclusions, however you have been studying it left to proper.  In Hebrew we learn from proper to left.  That approach it reads:


“Holy mackerel dig the ass on that lady!”