Billy Bob wanted to sell his old truck – his friend suggested he do this!

Billy Bob tried to promote his previous truck.  He was having a number of issues promoting it as a result of the truck had 250,000 miles on the odometer.


In the future, he instructed his drawback to a pal he labored with at Walmart.


His pal instructed him, “There’s a risk to make the truck simpler to promote, nevertheless it’s not authorized.”


“That doesn’t matter,” replied Billy Bob, “I actually need to promote the truck.”


“Okay,” stated Billy Bob’s pal. “Right here is the handle of a pal of mine.  He owns a restore store.  Inform him I despatched you and he’ll flip the odometer in your truck again to 50,000 miles. Then it shouldn’t be an issue to promote it anymore.”


The next weekend, Billy Bob made the journey to the mechanic.


Two weeks later the pal requested Billy Bob, “Did you promote your truck?”


“No,” replied Billy Bob, “Why ought to I? It solely has 50,000 miles on it!”