Customer’s Waiter Is Incredibly Rude About Hotel’s Free Breakfast, So He Tipped The Food Runner Instead

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Waiting tables can be a fun and rewarding job, and if you’re good at it, you can usually make decent money, too.

The thing is, in order to make money, you have to be able to deal with other people – since they’re usually the customers.

OP was staying at a hotel that served free breakfast.

I just bought a hotel room and was informed the room came with free breakfast for 2.

The server made him jump through all kinds of hoops to get it.

I came downstairs in the morning and as soon as I entered the breakfast area the server gave me a dirty look and literally yelled what do you want.

I told him about the comped breakfast and he said i had to leave without explaining i needed a coupon that came with the key card for the room.

After i found this out from the front desk i came back and gave him the coupon.

He then said he wouldn’t serve me because there needed to be 2 people. Again i had to leave get my brother and come back.

He then proceeded to take our order 1 breakfast for me and 1 breakfast to go so my brother could go back to sleep.

My brother leaves.

And then he barely waited on him at all.

The server then proceeds to not even offer me water or check on me at all while attending to the only other people in the breakfast area sitting right in front of me.

Finally someone else brings out my food.

I eat.

So, OP tipped the person who did serve him instead.

When it comes time to leave a tip I write a big fat zero on the check and proceed to walk over to the food runner that brang me my food and handed him a 20-dollar bill.

The look on this rude server’s face is priceless.

Reddit’s opinion should be interesting!

This was the brilliant part.

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Because some people just don’t want to see it.

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They hope he didn’t end up getting some of it anyway.

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This person is sure he won’t.

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Not all heroes wear capes.

Source: Reddit/AITA

As a former server, this is a great story.

You get the tip you earn, my friends. Most of the time.

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