Daughter treated badly asks, ‘AITA for watching my parents become homeless?’

In this scenario, a person who experienced significant neglect and mistreatment from their parents throughout their childhood and adolescence has achieved financial success as an adult through their own entrepreneurial ventures. The individual’s parents favored their siblings financially and emotionally, neglecting them in various ways, including not supporting their education and belittling them.

When the parents faced financial hardship due to the closure of their restaurant and medical bills, they turned to their successful child for help with their mortgage. Despite having the means to easily pay off the debt and prevent them from losing their home, the individual refused to assist. This decision was influenced by the deep-seated hurt and resentment from their upbringing, feeling that their parents didn’t deserve their help after years of mistreatment.

The individual chose instead to support their grandparents and aunt who had shown kindness and support during their upbringing. They offered to help their siblings, particularly their younger sister, by providing a place to stay if needed. The parents reacted with anger and accused the individual of being heartless and punishing them unfairly, arguing that their siblings shouldn’t suffer for their mistakes.

Ultimately, while the individual’s decision may seem harsh to their parents, it reflects their boundaries and the emotional toll of their upbringing. The situation highlights unresolved family dynamics and the complexities of familial obligations in light of past mistreatment.

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