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Funny Joke Old Chief Forget Me Not 1 - Funny Joke ‣ Old Chief Forget-Me-Not

Benny the reporter checks in at some outdated resort smack in center of nowhere after hours of driving.

Coming into the foyer, he’s confronted with the unusual sight of an outdated Indian, whittling stick, lengthy black hair, reddish pores and skin, sitting on one of many chairs as if he intends by no means to rise up.

“That’s Outdated Chief Overlook-Me-Not,” whispers the person behind the desk reverently, “he’s allowed to remain right here free of charge as a result of he let me construct my resort on his reservation.”

“Why the bizarre identify?” whispers the reporter.

“Outdated Chief NEVER forgets something that occurred to him since he was two. Now he’s 102. Incredible reminiscence.”

As soon as the reporter has checked in, he decides to take a look at outdated Overlook-Me-Not.

“Hey Chief!” he calls, “What’d you’ve got for breakfast on the morning of your 21st birthday?”

“Eggs,” replies the Chief with out even wanting up.

The reporter is so amazed, he jumps in his automotive and drives a minimum of two hours over to the place his different reporter pal is staying. As soon as telling the story over, each reporters soar within the automotive and drive proper again two hours to the resort, smelling an enormous scoop.

On the best way, the second reporter tells the primary: “Why don’t you handle the Chief extra respectfully, so he’ll exhibit to us extra?”

Following his pal’s recommendation, the primary reporter greets the Chief with a convincing “HOWGH!!”

“Scrambled,” replies the Chief.

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