Gen Z Folks Are Having A Hard Time Making Ends Meet And This Woman Explains Why They’re Fed Up. – ‘Working just to barely be able to pay my bills.’

Source: TikTok/@chailynt

People are really going through it these days…

Things seem to be getting a little bit better, but prices of just about everything are still high and folks are really struggling to just make it day-to-day.

A woman named Chailyn posted a video on TikTok to set the record straight about what she and other Gen Z people are going through these days.

Source: TikTok/@chailynt

She said, “I would not make enough to pay rent, water, electric, and eat, all by myself. I would not be capable of doing that.”

Chailyn continued, “Twenty years ago, when you were getting started, you could live on your own. Twenty years ago, when you first started, you were able to do everything that I am now struggling to do.”

She then added, “You’ve been working for 20 years. You have 20 years of working experience behind your belt. You have 20 years of experience in a career that has allowed you to gain raises, to get more money to profit you in an economy that you created.”

Source: TikTok/@chailynt

Chailyn then said, “You could sit here, and you can call Gen Z lazy all you want, but I’ve been working my tail end off, just to barely make it by. And respectfully, I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life. I don’t want to work my tail end off, wasting all of my life working just to barely be able to pay my bills.”

She added that older generations created these problems and that Gen Z is not lazy and they’re not to blame for these issues.

Source: TikTok/@chailynt

Check out the video.


The world isnt what it was when you were starting out, instead of dogging us for not wanting to work our lives away, take your position and experience to make a change for a better life for your children. You’ve had 20 years to experience life and in that time have also completely obliterated any chance for us to even start to have one. – – – And maybe i just work at walmart, but i should still be able to pay my bills with a full time job. – – – – #fyp #foryou #trend #viral #news #genz #9to5

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Now let’s see what people had to say.

This person doesn’t blame Gen Z folks for feeling this way…

Source: TikTok/@chailynt

Another individual made a good point.

Source: TikTok/@chailynt

And this viewer said Gen Z folks will never be able to retire.

Source: TikTok/@chailynt

Let’s hope things get better sooner rather than later.

Keep moving forward, friends!

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