Her Sister Refused To Pay Her For Cat Sitting, So She Wants To Find A Creative Way To Get The Money

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When you make an arrangement with someone that involves getting paid for providing some kind of service, you know you’re taking a slight risk that they might not follow through.

When you make those arrangements with family, though, you don’t expect that to happen.

OP agreed to cat sit for her sister and did her due diligence.

My sister went overseas to visit family over Christmas/new years and asked me to house sit her cats for her, and offered to pay me $200 to do so. I work in retail so that time of year is pretty full on but I said yes anyway because she’s my sister and I could really use the money

For context, she lives with my dad so someone was always going to be at the house regardless, but every afternoon after work I would go over, make sure their water is filled, make sure they had food, clean their litter trays and play with them/spend time with them.

I also sent her updates and photos of the cats to show that I was actually looking after them.

In the meantime, her sister asked her to buy her an expensive product and she would pay her back.

During this time she also asked me if I could get her a product from work that was pretty hard to get your hands on, and she would send me the money for it.

I had to call around to a bunch of different stores but I managed to get one in for her, discounted as well because I’m staff.

When her sister returned home, all bets were off.

Once she returned from overseas she immediately had a go at me for not taking good care of the cats, saying that they didn’t have any wet food (which she never mentioned), and saying that she was really upset and disappointed.

I also spoke to my dad who said that she had told him that she didn’t want to pay me the $200 anymore

OP thinks she’s come up with a way to get paid, but should she do it?

Now on to the title, WIBTA if I were to return the product I got transferred in for her, kept the $200 and gave her the excess money back, if she refused to pay me?

Reddit is going to weigh in!

The top comment says it’s a good idea, but she could give her sister a head’s up.

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This person disagrees, though.

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And this person has concerns, too.

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But they say her sister doesn’t deserve the item or her forgiveness.

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It definitely sounds like her sister set her up.

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I hate that this girl’s sister put her in this position.

Family doesn’t mean you can take advantage of them.

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