Her Stepsister Stole Her Things, But When She Asked For Them Back, Her Stepsister Doubled Down

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There are some wild and crazy stories about entitlement on Reddit, but sometimes you run into one that really makes you stop and just shake your head.

I’ll go ahead and tell you up front: yes, you read that right.

OP is a young married woman with a stepsister who helps out. Now, her stepsister and young nephew live with them.

I (F20) am married to my now husband (M20). We have 2 children together both female twins.

My step sister (F26) has been in their life since they were born and has been huge help until she got a boyfriend who got her pregnant, she recently gave birth to her son and her boyfriend and her broke up soon after co-parenting their newborn son.

She has still been living with us and it has been no problem,

Which was when her money started to go missing.

Soon i realised money from the nightstand in my bedroom has been disappearing I never left huge amounts of money in there just incase.

My sister has been buying her son very expensive things. She doesnt have a job so I have been a little suspicious on how she has brought all of these items.

Yes i want the best for her and her son I have asked her numerous times to get a job and i can watch her son as i am a stay at home mom.

Her stepsister denied everything, so OP put in some cameras.

One day more than just money disappeared, My ipad, My mothers necklace and around £200 and a watch went missing,

That week my sister came home with new baby clothes, toys, pampers ect. She was even wearing new clothes and accessories.

I questioned her about my items and she denied and said she never took them, i was still a little suspicious but decided to let it go as i could easily replace those items.

I decided to set up cameras around my house incase she had been taking my things, I was showering and my husband was at work and my step sister was watching the kids.

I leave the bathroom to see my room left in a mess, my dresser had been gone through and my nightstand was left open and everything in it was missing.

She eventually gave up denying she’d done anything, but didn’t exactly apologize.

I immediately went to my step sister and asked her about my missing items and she continued denying i told her i was going to check the cameras and she face went pale,

I pulled out my phone and reviewed the footage to see my sister entering my room and leaving minutes later with alot of my missing items.

Ok, it was the opposite of an apology.

She screamed in my face and said it was her only sorce of income and she shouldn’t have to steal these things instead they should be given to her as she has been a huge help and needs the money for her son.

I told her to give me back all my things or i will get the cops involved. She said no as she needed the money, So i told her to get her son and leave my house.

She went to our fathers house with my step mother they have been blowing up my phone calling me a selfish jerk for not helping her with money as she cannot afford to buy things for her son and my husband makes plenty so i should help her.

So am i wrong in this situation?

I have no idea what Reddit is supposed to say here.

The top comment says there’s no way she should have let her sister stay.

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This person thinks they know where all of this started.

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Since when is stealing a “source of income?”

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They think OP did everything right.

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This is probably not her first rodeo.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I cannot believe OP was doubting herself for a second.

In what world is stealing ok?

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