His Girlfriend Barged In On His Sister And Insulted Her, So He Told Her To Leave

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We read a lot on Reddit about sibling relationships that are not the best (to put it lightly). It’s nice, then to read about a brother who goes all out for his sister, no questions asked.

Not if you’re the girlfriend, though.

OP and his sister are close.

Yesterday my girlfriend came over to my house and was supposed to sleep over.

A little after she got here she told me she was cold and asked for a hoodie.

Now, all of my clothes are in my sister room since almost all of our clothes look the exact same.

Most of my sister’s clothes are oversized and from the male section since that’s her style. Our mom kept getting confused about what clothes are who’s.

So we just got a big closet for my sister’s room (hers is bigger which is why it’s at her room) and took my closet out of my room so I could have more space.

They live together, share a closet, and respect each other’s privacy.

I went to my sister room and saw that the door was closed.

We’re not allowed to close the door unless we’re changing or needing quiet to study.

So I knocked but before she could answer me my girlfriend just barged in.

Luckily my sister was just studying but both of us were in shock.

His girlfriend, though, overstepped a couple of boundaries in one fell swoop.

My girlfriend didn’t even notice my sister and I discomfort and just opened the closet and started looking for a hoodie that she will like.

My sister sarcastically told her “sure, you can go through my closet after barging in”

My girlfriend snapped at her with a curse or two and a “it’s not just your closet”

I have no idea where all of this came from. My girlfriend is usually very gentle and this is the first time I heard her curse, but I was not going to sit there while she insults my sister.

So, he asked her to leave.

I took her by the hand and dragged her out of my sister’s room.

I got her bag and took her out of my house and waited with her in silence until her friend that live close to me came to pick her up.

We haven’t talked since.

I tried to text and call her to say sorry for overreacting and try to talk to her about why she treated my sister like that but she hasn’t answered me.

I feel really bad about how I reacted but I’m also mad about how she treated my sister.


Now they’re not talking and he’s not sure whether or not he went too far.

The top commenter on Reddit says he has nothing to feel badly about.

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This person says being disrespectful is a huge red flag.

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They say it might be time to let her go.

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This commenter is trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

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We’re hoping she’s ashamed and can learn from her mistakes.

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I definitely think OP did the right thing.

That doesn’t mean it won’t cost him a relationship.

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