His Wife Bugged Him For A Snack. He Ended Up Giving Her Cat Treats.

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Who’s up for a snack?!?!

Well, apparently the woman in this story was…

But it didn’t go as planned for her and she got quite a surprise.

Take a look at what happened!

“One thing I have to note is that both my wife and I are visually impaired, so we often respond based on sound.

So I have a bag of skittle gummies next to me on the table. When my wife hears the bag crinkling because I’m getting out some gummies, she often asks if she can have some, too.

Just now, I was getting out a bag of cat treats to give a few to our cats. I keep them in my computer bag which is also next to me.

Uh oh…here it comes…

My wife hears the crinkling and, assuming it’s gummies I’m getting, asks, “Can I have some?”

Me: “Sure!”

I proceed to get out a treat and hand it to her.

I figure at the very worst she’ll notice it feels different in her hand and realize it’s not a gummy.

I don’t think she’ll do that again!

NOPE! She sticks it right in her mouth and starts chewing.

Wife: “Eww, what’s this?”

I told her, and we both started howling laughing.

The kitties were happy to eat the partially chewed treat still. They’re not very picky.”

Let’s see how people reacted.

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I’m glad they had a good laugh.

Funny stuff!

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