His Wife Gave Away A Tent He Planned To Sell, So He Asked Her To Pay Him Instead

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Everyone’s spouse has habits that get on their nerves. You know the one – no matter how many times you’ve expressed how it bothers you, they just can’t manage to stop.

Most of the time it’s a small thing, and you decide their good qualities outweigh the little negatives you’ve found along the way.

OP’s wife gives things away that don’t belong to her.

My wife has a bad habit of giving away or lending out things that don’t belong to her.

I’ve lost count of how many times I go to look for something of mine only for her to say she lent it to somebody.

She also takes forever to get the item back, she once lent my stuff to a coworker and refused to ask for it back for a month.

She’s done it to him and to their son for so long they’ve started locking up their things.

I’ll never forget the day my usually quiet, reserved son snapped at her for trying to give away his Nintendo switch.

If I wasn’t also fed up with her behavior I would have washed his mouth out with soap.

I’ve had countless talks with her but she continues to do this. My son and I have resorted to locking up anything we didn’t want touched which is something we shouldn’t have to do in our own home.

When she gave away a tent that he’d already sold, he demanded she pay him for it instead.

Last week I won a $300 tent in a raffle. I had no plans on using it so I was selling it. When I found a buyer and went to look for it I couldn’t find it.

When I asked my wife she said she gave it to a friend of ours. I got mad at her and said she had no right to give it away. Her defense was since I didn’t spend money on it and was i planning on using it, it made sense to give it away for free.

I told her that wasn’t her decision to make but she just kept repeating herself.

I had enough of this and said she’s either going to pay me herself or get the money from who she gave it to, and if she didn’t I’d get law enforcement involved.

Since she rather d– than ask a friend for money she paid me out of her own pocket.

She did, but her family is accusing him of being awful because of it.

This issue eventually got around to her family. While they did say she should have talked to me first they also reprimanded me for asking for payment.

They reasoned that since I didn’t actually buy the tent I didn’t lose any money and it went to a friend who could actually put it to good use. I got several text saying I should be ashamed for extorting my wife for money.

I think I have every right to want to be paid for something of mines that was taken but everyone keeps emphasizing the fact that I didn’t technically buy the tent and didn’t want it so I have nothing to be upset about. AITA?

Does Reddit agree? Let’s find out!

The top comment says it’s past time he put his foot down.

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This person thinks it’s a real problem she needs to address.

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And this commenter says it doesn’t matter what the tent cost.

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They think maybe he should try flipping the tables.

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This person says it’s concerning that she doesn’t care to change.

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This is one of those “seems like a small thing but isn’t.”

Who knows where they go from here?

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