Her Sister Wants To Borrow The Wedding Dress That Their Late Mom Made, But She Flatly Refuses

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Sibling rivalry is alive and well, my friends.

And this time it comes to us from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page.

Is this woman acting like a jerk to her sister?

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“I (32F) got married 7 years ago.

My mom made my wedding dress and she also did the same for my older sister at her wedding 9 years ago.

Sadly, my mother passed away 3 years ago from cancer.

My younger sister Jess (27F) is currently engaged and her wedding will be in 1 year.

Her sister had a request for her.

We recently met for coffee and she commented that she always wanted our mother to make her dress, but at the time she wasn’t even with her current fiancé and now she can’t anymore.

After a little chat, she asked if I still had my wedding dress, as she would like to wear it too, as it is something my mother made.

She wasn’t cool with this.

I was a little disconcerted and asked if it could be our other sister’s dress (she already borrow it to someone else), as I was very attached to the wedding dress. She said she didn’t want hers, because it wasn’t white (pastel pink) and my body and hers were more similar.

I said I didn’t want to, because even though we have similar bodies, it would need adjustment in the breasts and hips area.

I don’t want to “modify” the dress. But that I could lend her the veil so she can have something from our mother.

She started complaining, saying that it wouldn’t hurt me to borrow the dress, the adjustments would be minimal, she was the only one of the sisters who can’t have something done by our mom and she basically has to turn to me to get something of hers.

She practically begged me to borrow the dress.

She’s standing firm on this one.

I feel bad for her, but I really don”t want to modify something in the dress, because it’s a memory of my mom and one of the best days of my life, it was just for me.

In the face of all this, I don’t feel comfortable borrowing the dress, but that I could make the concession of the veil.

She walked away crying after I stood by my decision, saying that I was being selfish not to allow her to have any feeling close to having something done for our mother and not being able to share something so special with her too, when she never will have something close to that.

People are calling me an ******* (our father, fiancé and in-laws – except my older sister who didn’t chose “sides”)


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This person said she’s NTA and the veil might be the way to go…

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Another individual said no one can win in this situation.

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One Reddit user said her sister acted like an *******.

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Another individual agreed that the sister is out of line.

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And this person said they feel for the sister, but…

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To me, this is completely understandable.

Let’s hope these two work things out…

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