His Wife Keeps Trying To Get His Family To Accept Her As One Of Their Own, But They Just Can’t Get There



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It’s always sad when you hear about people who grew up without any positive role models because there’s no doubt it affects them later in life.

And this story is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Is this guy a jerk for what he said to his wife?

Get the details below and see what you think.

“My mom (64) is polite and in general keeps a distance away from my wife (26). I know my wife has trouble with social interaction and they got off to a horrible start.

His wife comes from a troubled background.

My wife, I am going to call her Lily, was in foster care and never had a parental figure and she went hard into trying to become my mom’s kid.

I think it would have happened if my wife let the relationship grow naturally but she didn’t take any of my warnings and bulldozed what my mom wanted.

A few examples, she kept calling her “mum” even after she told her multiple times to call her by her name.

Lily would make her uncomfortable, especially when she would ask my mom very personal question or go way too deep. I have talked to her so many times but she doesn’t stop.

The family has taken their concerns with me also and have straight up told her to stop.

There was finally a breaking point.

The big turning point was when my mom and her daughters ( my sisters) went to visit deceased family member. It’s a tradition between the three of them.

Well Lily heard about it and went. It went very poorly and my sisters dislike Lily now also.

We are invited to events and are still in the family but the women of the family keep their distance.

There is a girl’s trip around Christmas and she wasn’t invited. This made my wife very upset and was ranting.

And he finally lost patience.

I had enough when Lily said she was her kid. I snapped and told her my mother will never be her mom and you need to stop. She ended up crying and now I feel guilty. I just don’t know how to get it through her head that she needs to stop.

I’ve talked with her so many times and she is already in therapy.”

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Family dynamics are tough.

You know that’s no lie!

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