Local Politician Demanded That His Ad Not Be Changed, So a Newspaper Complied Even Though He Made a Mistake



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Sometimes a comma can make all the difference in the world

And the man who is the subject of this story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page really messed up…but he insisted that he didn’t want anything changed in his political ad, so the folks running it just did what he said.

Check out what happened!

“I was the editor of a small town newspaper.

A local man wanted to run his print campaign advertisements for elected office. He’d done this a few times before in a number of unsuccessful bids for election. Now he had returned, and was giving us an earful.

This guy tried to blame his problems on them.

“The only reason I lost the last time was because all my ads got changed and looked stupid!”

We had changed his ad with us – slightly. He’d misspelled the name of the office he had been running for, so we had corrected it. Apparently that made the ad look differently than he wanted and had somehow cost him the election.

“I’m paying you for these ads, so this time, I demand you print it exactly as I wrote it! No changes!”

He stormed off, and I figured the issue was over. Made my job easy. I thought, there is no need to proofread this, just send it over to our advertising person…ah, but let me look at it anyway.

This guy was gonna be in for another surprise.

I read it over and told others, and it wasn’t long before the whole office had a good laugh.

His advertisement read:

“(His name) for (elected office)! Always there, for you to help!”

What makes it even better is we later learned he had apparently made a similar speech and demand at the offices of other newspapers where he ran the advertising as well, so they all had the same wording.

He lost the election. Again. He did not, however, complain about his advertisement this time.”

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