Mean Neighbor Made Everyone Around Her Miserable, So They Bought the House After She Couldn’t Afford It Anymore

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Was there a mean old lady or mean old man in your neighborhood when you were growing up?

The kind of person who was always in a bad mood and who didn’t like anyone coming near their property?

Sure, we all did!

And the person who wrote this story on Reddit decided to do something about the mean old lady who lived by them.

Check out their story below!

“The house we live in was built at the same time as hers. My parents were often at the construction site and help if they can. The strange lady was nice to us at the beginning. But that changed soon.

This neighbor was very unpleasant.

This happened around Christmas 2017. We have a neighbor who is very unpopular in our neighborhood. She is well known for harrasing people who use the public path at the left side of her house. The path is one out of three to reach the public playground behind her house.

If someone uses the path she would scream at them that this is her path on her privat property which is wrong. Sometimes she would close the path with a red and white plastic chain and wont let anyone use the path. She would scream at kids on the playground when they were loud (at daytime). She always has her shutters almost down so she can stalk the people on the street and stay unseen.

If some kids ball landed in her garden she would bring it to the kids and destroy it with a knive right in front of them. All kids knew this and would run by her house if they wanted to go on the playground.

And she had a well-earned nickname.

When the neighbours Kids where playing in the winter outside in the snow she would call the CPS equivalent in my country and tell them they were locked outide by their parents as a punishment. If someone walked by her house at night she would often call the police due to a noise complain. She was know by every one in our neighborhood as “The Witch”.

But she didn’t like my family in particular. We lived right beside her house. Our houses shared one wall. When me and my sister were young we would use the swing in our garden or jump on our trampoline. She would regulary file noise complaints and often harrase me and my sister when we were alone in our garden. If my parents heard her screaming swear words at us from the first floor of her house they would yell back.

If me or my sister walked on the path by her house she would scream at us. We used the path daily on our way to school. One time when I came home from school she was in her car with the trunk on the sidewalk. When I walked by the back of her car she howled the engine and the dark exhaust hit me. Almost every night she would hit the shared wall with something to wake us up.

This lady just wouldn’t give it a rest.

Sometimes she ring on our door and try to make us go to other neighbors to complain about small things. We often had lawsuits with her. One time because her trees grew 2m over the border. Another time because she build a fence by stickig bamboo mats in the dirt and tearing it down the next day and telling the police we destroyed her wooden fence.

We won all lawsuits against her because my uncle (he’s teaching law school) gave us good advice on how to deal with her and named lawyers he knew were good.

This lady was not in good shape financially.

She never paid the workers who repaired things at her house and the electrical and water bills. When her old car broke down she didnt pay the car mechanic and never got her car back. She was in debt and had a mortage on her house.

It was time to teach this lady a lesson.

When the foreclosure came we were at the court and bought her house. She was with us in the courtroom when the auction was and tried to buy her own house but wasnt allowed because she couldnt provide proof that she has enough money. We bought her house where she lived for 20+ years in front of her.

We bought it because my parents were at the construction of her house and knew the workers did a great job at building it. We renovated it when she left.

We repainted all rooms, renewed the insulation and put Everywhere where no tiles were new wooden floor. My grandparents will be moving in her old house this fall.”

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That was a good revenge story.

You gotta love it!

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