“What Was The Worst Trend That Has Ever Existed?” (34 Replies)

People are social creatures, so no matter we are saying concerning the absolute freedom of our judgments, it can’t be 100% true. In any case, we’re all the time influenced by different individuals, occasions within the exterior world and, after all, varied tendencies.

As they are saying, huge tendencies are seen from afar – and what as soon as appeared cool and trendy, after just a few many years, could seem silly and ridiculous. For instance, now I am unable to take a look at some ’00s pictures of myself carrying a mullet with no facepalm. However I used to be trendy then! Rattling it, it turns on the market are and have been so many silly, ridiculous and harmful tendencies on this planet already netizens are now remembering and justifiably criticizing.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) Saggy beneath the butt pants. Certain, drop your pants just a few inches in case you suppose you bought steez, however Jesus Christ, in case your belt is beneath 100% of your butt, you are an fool

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A number of the tendencies you will discover on this assortment are associated to individuals’s non secular beliefs, whereas some, many many years and even centuries in the past, had been supposed to emphasise social standing. Nicely, some appeared actually out of the blue, as a result of some well-known individuals acted in a method or one other, after which many followers received the concept. However what precisely unites all these tendencies is that in all probability not one of the individuals who adopted them on the time thought they had been performing actually silly.

"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) foot binding. that follow in china the place they break and tie women’ toes to make them extra female

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) Overuse phrases like gaslighting, bipolar, or narcissist the place they’ve misplaced their that means. Somebody who disagrees with you is not gaslighting, having temper swings is not bipolar, and your ex is likely to be advert**ok however that does not imply he is a narcissist. As an autistic individual I additionally don’t like the identical development of self-diagnosed individuals. There’s nothing fallacious with on the lookout for signs for psychological problems, studying difficulties, and so forth. in case you go to your physician. However many individuals do not, they resolve that they’ve all these issues.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses)

Gallon Smashing ‘prank’ the place somebody intentionally drops gallons of milk at a grocery retailer whereas making it appear to be an accident, leaving an enormous mess for some poor grocery store staff to scrub up.

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“Historical past is aware of many ridiculous traditions. Extra exactly, people who we contemplate ridiculous in the present day, a few years in the past, had been thought of utterly logical and acceptable,” mentioned Valery Bolgan, a historian and journalist , editor-in-chief of Intent news agency from Ukrainefor whom Dijbi reached for a remark. “No, many ‘challenges’ and flash mobs in our time or in latest many years need to present their very own stupidity – however that is exactly the character of the postmodern nature of contemporary tradition.”

“By the way in which, one other development that runs by means of the millennia of human historical past is the tendency to idealize the previous and imagine that it was higher within the ‘good outdated days’. In any case, one of many first observe about what a decline in morals had taken place and the way younger individuals had been inferior to earlier generations relevant, if I am not mistaken, by the second millennium BC. So, it is okay – ten to twenty years will cross, and we’ll keep in mind with nostalgia, for instance. , ‘good outdated TikTok’. It’ll in all probability occur,” mentioned Valery.

In any case, in comparison with most of the traditions that individuals adopted centuries in the past, fashionable tendencies – even harmful – typically seem to be harmless kid’s play. In any case, for instance, when medieval townspeople intentionally killed cats, contemplating them to be accomplices of witches – after which there was nobody to exterminate the plague-carrying rats – these misconceptions has really taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Now, simply evaluate this, maybe, to the latest TikTok development of individuals stealing bogs and college provides. As they are saying, all the pieces is expounded…

"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses)

The hearth problem the place these children pour acetone on themselves then mild themselves on fireplace. It looks as if it ought to be a brief burning sensation, however as you’d count on there are kids who’re severely injured from burns, and a mom who recorded her little one doing the problem was even arrested after being reported to social companies .

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses)

Folks on social media put up inappropriate footage of themselves on solemn websites to try to look edgy. (IE: Auschwitz, the Berlin Holocaust Memorial, Floor Zero in NYC, Pearl Harbor website, Vietnam Warfare Memorial, Tsitsernakaberd Memorial complicated, Srebrenica Genocide Memorial, and so forth)


"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses)

I might say pulling pranks on random individuals in public.

I am secretly ready for a video of a prankster to go to sleep perpetually.

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In any case, there are tendencies with out which the historical past of mankind could be higher, and nearly nobody would argue with this. And now we actually count on you so as to add some feedback with fashionable or historical practices and traditions that you just additionally contemplate actually unusual or ridiculous. In any case, we’d have missed one thing on this choice, so let’s assist one another refresh our reminiscence within the feedback…

"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses)

I do not know if somebody has already posted this, however I keep in mind some time in the past there was one thing referred to as “knockout problem” or “knockout recreation”. It often includes a bunch of youngsters and even adults strolling or working as much as somebody, often on the streets, and hitting them as arduous as they will within the face with a closed fist, hoping to knock them out .

I simply seemed it up and, apparently, this type of “recreation” began within the 1990’s.

I hope that is not the case.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) When you suppose Tiktok tendencies are silly or harmful, individuals have been worse.

When individuals thought radium was good for you, there was a giant development to place it on EVERYTHING. Face lotions. Water containers. Toothpaste. Hair merchandise. Get alongside. chocolate. Toys. Evening lights. Watches. Spas. Impotence therapies. SUPPOSITORY Sure, individuals put radioactive stuff of their a*s within the identify of well being.

Folks even paint their TEETH for shine. It blows my f*****g thoughts as a chemist.


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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) For me, I’ll by no means be capable of course of the Victorian period fad of *EATING EGYPTIAN MUMMIES*

That s**t won’t ever convey me again to pure disbelief, horror and confusion.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) I used to be going to tear out 1000’s of individuals’s beating hearts as a sacrifice to the solar god, however apparently persons are decoding this because the worst *social media* development ever.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) Burning individuals who adopted a unique faith than the present ruling class. I take a look at you Catholic England and your burning of pagan Protestants for daring to publish a Bible in English.

And by burning, I imply alive. I am unable to consider something worse.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) Lick the strangest issues through the COVID problem. Let’s try to get sick. Please individuals have you ever ever heard of hepatitis? Typhus? Salmonella?

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) X-Ray events: Folks would X-Ray collectively and expose themselves to giant quantities of radiation.
The Tape Worm Food regimen. Folks would give themselves tapeworms to drop a few pounds, then drink kerosene to kill the tapeworms.
Each circa 1900.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) offended bait

It is not simply trashy high quality content material, it is purpose-built and other people participating and sharing solely make it fashionable.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) Joyful Slap.

It was a development within the UK in 2005 the place you’d hit a random individual, arduous, and video it. It often turns right into a struggle if the slapped reacts. I am positive it can result in some deaths.

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"What Is The Worst Trend That Ever Existed?" (34 Responses) Redneck Stylish’

The place women and men (often from the North or excessive finish areas) drive huge (good) vans, put on Carhartt, blast nation, dip and imagine they’re just like the individuals about hick-hop track

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