Rejected and Insecure: A Girlfriend’s Dilemma

This story revolves around a 21-year-old woman who experiences a significant blow to her confidence after her boyfriend makes a hurtful comment about her being “too wet” during intimacy. Feeling embarrassed and insecure, she questions her reaction to the situation.

Setting the Scene

The protagonist, a 21-year-old woman, is in an eleven-month-long relationship with her 26-year-old boyfriend. Despite her initial shyness, she’s learned to be open about her desires and preferences in the relationship.

Unraveling the Conflict

During an intimate moment, the woman asks her boyfriend to perform oral sex on her, to which he initially agrees. However, he abruptly changes his mind, citing her being “too wet” as the reason, which leaves her feeling embarrassed and rejected.

Confronting the Issue

Overwhelmed with insecurity and hurt, the woman tears up and expresses her reluctance to continue with intimacy. Her boyfriend responds dismissively, labeling her as dramatic and unreasonable for her reaction.

Reddit’s Response (Comments Section)

Reddit users offer empathy and support to the woman, validating her feelings of hurt and insecurity. Many suggest that her boyfriend’s reaction was insensitive and hurtful, emphasizing the importance of communication and empathy in intimate relationships.

Some advise the woman to have a candid conversation with her boyfriend about how his words affected her and to assess the overall health of their relationship. Overall, the comments express understanding towards the woman’s emotional response and condemn her boyfriend’s lack of sensitivity.