Redditor Under Fire For Teaching 6-Year-Old Niece About Religious Diversity

Faith is an important a part of a number of individuals’s lives. They maintain it in excessive esteem and might’t think about life with out it.

Analysis exhibits that extremely spiritual persons are distinctive of their day-to-day behaviors in a number of methods. Some might have non-negotiable traditions, like praying earlier than consuming each meal or going to a spot of worship a number of days per week. 

Many of those individuals go on these beliefs to their youngsters. Nevertheless, generally, in doing so, they fail to color their youngsters a whole image of faith.

We discovered one Redditor who wasn’t going to permit this stand. 

OP shared on the AITA subreddit that that they had gone to go to a member of the family, and their niece was in attendance as effectively. 

When it was time for the meal, their niece requested that they pray earlier than consuming. OP then said that not everybody prays. Nevertheless, her niece responded that her mom had instructed her those that don’t pray would go to hell.  

OP then used this chance to guarantee their niece that this was unfaithful, as completely different individuals have completely different beliefs. This upset her mother, main OP to ask the AITA query.

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Let’s dig into the small print…

Let's dig into the details...

OP went for a household dinner the place they lectured their niece in regards to the existence of various spiritual beliefs, and the way it wasn’t proper for anybody to power theirs down one other individuals throat. Now the little lady’s mother is upset with OP for discussing such a subject along with her little one

OP went for a family dinner where they lectured their niece about the existence of different religious beliefs, and how it wasn't right for anyone to force theirs down another persons throat. Now the little girl's mom is upset with OP for discussing such a topic with her child

A bit extra perception

A little more insight

The submit went viral, garnering over 12okay upvotes and 2k feedback. Let’s examine what the Reddit neighborhood needed to say about this story:

“In fact somebody who threatens somebody with hell goes to be indignant with you for saying it doesn’t exist.”

“NTA. A few of us suppose faith is make imagine tales that encourage blind devotion.”

“Simply wait till her mom finds out that some individuals who pray do not imagine hell exists.”

“Her mother feels like a significant a-hole if the very idea of differing beliefs is one thing she did not need her daughter to know.”

“Good for you exposing that brainwashed little one to extra various views.”

“You were not making an attempt to alter her views on if there’s a God or not however simply identified that different individuals have completely different views.”

“NTA…She’ll most likely thanks sometime.”

“NTA- it’s the reality. And it’s vital to comprehend that there are lots of perception techniques and they’re deserving of respect”

“You’re completely right. It’s alright to imagine in no matter somebody needs to. It isn’t alright to power it on them.”

This Redditor’s husband had a phrase for a child who stated he was going to hell

This Redditor's husband had a word for a kid who said he was going to hell

“NTA and I believe you approached this with quite a lot of care and style.”

“Present her that an individual will be ethical and good with no made up sky daddy.”

“It’s okay that she’s spiritual, however she shouldn’t be spreading the concept individuals in contrast to her are lesser and are going to hell for it.”

“What you instructed her is the reality, and sounds such as you did it in a well mannered approach, really making an attempt to show her one thing about the actual world.”

“I believe informing her that it’s okay to imagine in one thing else wasn’t actually your house. You possibly can have left it at I don’t imagine in that stuff and it’s okay.”

The favored opinion within the feedback part is that OP is NTA. The commenters imagine OP’s niece’s mom should not get upset, somewhat, she ought to encourage her daughter to be taught in regards to the multi-religious society we stay in.

They imagine that whereas persons are anticipated to go on their beliefs to their youngsters, they need to achieve this in a fashion that enables them to grasp the existence of different faiths.  

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