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A squirrel joined the service of the King of the Forest, the lion.

He did no matter work was given him, rapidly and nicely. The lion turned keen on him and promised to offer him a cartload of almonds as pension when he retired.

The squirrel envied the opposite squirrels within the forest due to their carefree life.

He longed to run up and down timber and leap from department to department like them however he couldn’t depart the king’s aspect and even when he might he needed to transfer with courtly dignity.

He consoled himself with the thought that on the finish of his profession, he would obtain a cartload of almonds, a meals that few squirrels acquired to style of their lifetime.

“They’ll envy me then,” he would inform himself.

The years handed. The squirrel turned previous after which it was time for him to retire.

The king gave a grand banquet in his honour and on the finish of it, introduced him with a cartload of almonds as he had promised.

The squirrel had waited so lengthy for today however when he noticed the almonds, he was seized with disappointment.

He realised they had been of no use to him now. He had misplaced all his tooth.

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