The devil lets this man pick his own punishment – not all is what it seems!

A lawyer dies and goes to hell…


The satan pulls up his file on his laptop and sighs, “You’ve been a naughty boy haven’t you? Extortion, playing, intercourse with prostitutes and even homicide!”


The lawyer hangs his head in disgrace and the satan pats him frivolously on the shoulder.


“I’m a good man, what I’m going to do is allow you to choose your individual punishment..”


The satan leads him by the fields of tortured souls into his manor and down a protracted darkened hallway.  Earlier than them was three massive oak doorways.


“Now!” Mentioned the satan “You get to have a look at every torture behind the doorways and resolve which one you need to do, however be warned… no matter you choose you’ll have to endure for the subsequent 100 years!”


The lawyer nods solemnly and walks in the direction of the first door, pushing it open he sees a person being whipped by a horrendous demon over and over.


Shuddering he slams the door shut and walks to the second door, behind that one is a person being hung over and over, with every snap of the neck or strangulation he’s restored and compelled to endure the act repeatedly.


The lawyer retches and walks to the third door.  Swinging it open he sees a beautiful blonde, large breasted, slim and beautiful kissing a dishevelled and soiled man deeply, it’s passionate and intense, palms are in all places and simply watching causes the lawyer to smile lewdly.


Rubbing his palms collectively he turns to the satan and says, “I need door quantity three!”


The satan grins wickedly, “Okay!”


Strolling to the door the satan swings it open and leans in shouting: “Alright blondie! Occasions up!”