The Scottish Lass Goes To The Dentist

Maggie goes to the dentist and asks about the price of a tooth extraction.


“$85 for an extraction, Ma’am,” was the dentists reply.


“Och huv ye nay acquired unythin cheaper,” replies the Scottish lass getting agitated.


“However that’s the traditional cost for an extraction, Ma’am,” replied the dentist.


“What aboot if ye didnae use uny anaesthetic?” requested Maggie hopefully.


“Nicely it’s extremely uncommon, Ma’am, but when that’s what you need, I suppose I can do it for $65.”


“What aboot if ye used one in all ye dentist trainees and nonetheless wi’ oot anaesthetic?” requested the Scottish lass.


“Nicely it’s doable, however they’re solely coaching and I can’t assure their stage of professionalism. It’ll be much more painful, however I suppose in that case we will deliver the value right down to say $40.”


“Och that’s nonetheless a bit a lot, how ab oot if ye make it a coaching session and have yon pupil do the extraction and the opposite college students watchin’ and learnin’?”


The dentist replied, “Nicely OK it’ll be good for the scholars, I suppose. I’ll cost you solely $5 in that case, however it is going to be a traumatic expertise.”


“Now yer talkin’ laddie! It’s a deal,” stated Maggie.


“Can ye guide the hubby in for subsequent Wednesday?”