Two young boys, Bobby and Tommy, are sharing a hospital room

Two younger boys, Bobby and Tommy, are sharing a hospital room.


After attending to know one another just a little bit, Bobby finally asks Tommy, “Hey, what’re you within the hospital for anyway?”


“I’m getting my tonsils out,” explains Tommy. “And I’m just a little frightened.”


“Oh, don’t fear about it,” Bobby says. “I had my tonsils out and it was really not so unhealthy.  I acquired to eat all of the ice cream and Jell-O I needed for 2 weeks!”


“Oh yeah?” replies Tommy. “That’s not unhealthy.


So, Bobby, how about you?  What are you right here for?”


“I’m getting a circumcision, no matter that’s,”


Bobby solutions.“Oh my god!  A circumcision?” Tommy cries.


“I acquired a type of after I was a child.  I couldn’t stroll for 2 years!”

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