‘What kind of monster would do this?’ – Woman Received Pet Fish As A White Elephant Gift And She Got Some Opinions

Source: TikTok/@wunderbri

This is just my humble opinion, but I don’t think you should ever give anyone a pet for a present unless it’s been discussed and they actually want one…because that’s a huge responsibility!

And that includes fish!

But I guess not everyone got the memo…

A woman named Brionna told TikTok viewers that she was at a White Elephant gift exchange party when it all happened.

She said, “Did you guys do white elephant this year? I did white elephant this year. Went to a party and we did white elephant and I went first and I picked my gift and it was a 25 dollar Visa gift card. It was so cool. 25 dollars thanks, I love 25 dollars. And then we get to like the fourth or fifth person and um, someone, someone stole, someone stole my gift. And so I had to pick another gift, and I picked this bag.”

Source: TikTok/@wunderbri

Brionna continued, “And it said fragile on it and said ‘do not shake’ and I’m like ‘oooh’ this is gonna be something interesting. I like bags that come with instructions so I picked that bag. I picked that bag and I opened the bag and inside of the bag there’s a bowl and inside of the bowl there’s a cup, and before I tell you what’s in this cup I just I wanna I wanna ask what kind of monster would do this? What, what, what goes through a person’s mind when they decide this is, this is a thing that I…don’t know know who’s gonna get this.”

And then she showed viewers the fish bowl.

Source: TikTok/@wunderbri

Brionna then said, “So all I was given for this living creature is a bowl and a little teeny tiny packet of food, just little pellets, just little pellets for a living, you’ve given me a living, you’ve given me a mouth to feed. So I just had to go spend my own money to, to get a tank, cause I can’t, it doesn’t even have a top on it, I have cats.”

Source: TikTok/@wunderbri

She said she was going to have to buy more supplies for the fish and added, “Who does this? Like thank God he came home with me. I have some value for his poor little fishy life. What if he ended up with someone who just flushed him down the toilet? You don’t know!”

Sounds like she wasn’t too crazy about this, huh…?

Check out the video.


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Here’s what people had to say.

This viewer made a great point…

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Another individual had a weird White Elephant story.

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And this person was dealing with this nonsense at work…

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Can we all agree that White Elephant gifts are trash?

Let’s get rid of them, once and for all!

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